“Our parish had Shawn perform a Marriage Ministry date night and he had people laughing so hard, they
were even crying. Everyone has been saying that they haven’t laughed that hard in a while. Before
Shawn had even left, some people requested that we book him again! He was fun, easy to work with, and
super laid back. We’re actually nervous that we set the bar too high for whatever we do next! We can’t say
enough good things about Shawn’s performance!”

Luke & Dana Thelen, St Mary’s Church (Westphalia, MI)

“Shawn Reynolds is the funniest comedian we’ve ever had as a headliner at our long-running annual
comedy gala. He is a crowd pleaser who consistently delivers hilarious clean comedy that creates belly
laughs throughout the ENTIRE performance. His comedy is certainly worthy of a Netflix special! We at
Aspire highly recommend him!”

Denise Valdez, Aspire Indiana (Anderson, IN)

“Shawn performed at our annual dinner party that we throw for our church volunteers. From meeting him
the first time, all the way to saying goodbye, Shawn was extraordinary. He does his research and comes
prepared with specific knowledge about your organization and crafts humor around what’s relevant to
you. From start to finish Shawn had the entire crowd hunching over from laughing so hard. The biggest
concern is always how a comedian who is not necessarily a household name will compare to the big
names of comedy. Well, please take the recommendation of our 300 people; Shawn is every bit as good
as your top Netflix household names! We highly recommend him and will definitely be booking him again.”

Ane & Marcos Miranda – ExcelChurch (Leominster, MA)

“A rare occasion when a comedian can give you belly-aching laughter, inspirational stories and relevant
life material in one exceptional show, but that is what Shawn did! This sold out parish event provided for
good clean fun for couples of all ages. We highly recommend Shawn Reynolds!”

Patti Connor, St Therese of Lisieux (Shelby Township, MI)