Promo & Show Materials

Yay! You’ve booked a show with Shawn Reynolds! Here’s a small checklist for the show, some headshots to choose from for your promo materials and the intro to be read when bringing Shawn up on stage. We’ve also included a link to a 60 second promo video that you can use if you’d like. Some churches have added their show flyer/info at the end and have put overlays on the entire video with the date/time of their event. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Pre-Show Checklist

1) Be sure to check out our “Tips & Tricks” page here: for best practices on having a successful comedy show at your church.

2) Shawn uses slides during his show that add some extra fun. It’s always best to get those pre-loaded and tested at least one week ahead of time to ensure there’s no issues.

Please have your “tech person” on staff get in contact with us at so we can email them those files.

3) It’s very helpful to Shawn and our team to get a picture of the room where the show is taking place ahead of time. If you get a chance, email us those as well.

4) Shawn has very few requests for himself and is super easy to work with! Be sure to review the “Terms” section of the contract for the couple of things he does need for the night of the show.

Intro for your host to read:

Our comedian tonight headlines churches all over North America and tours regularly with Tim Hawkins. His DryBar Comedy special has amassed over two million views and he’s the founder of “Stand-Up For Adoption”; a comedy benefit series that has raised thousands of dollars for families trying to adopt children with special needs. Please welcome to the stage- Shawn Reynolds


Promo Video